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About Us

About Us

Company Background

solar energy
Desyton Energy  is an energy company, firm providing world-class integrated energy development services focused on strategic services, economic growth, advisory consulting & Management projects in sub Saharan Africa.

Our focus  to our stakeholders is to build thriving  business value in Africa and creating sustainable models for enhancing economic benefits while ensuring  profitability of those commercial assets in our control  and support / protect its long term asset value for  shareholders / investors in Nigeria and sub Saharan Africa. We are new energy company driven by performance that champions innovation, invests in people and  maximizes the value of our  local resources for global requirements. We aim to build a global  sustainable energy ecosystem focused on developing new energy frontiers.

Our proven expertise is truly international with a goal to provide insight in our operating excellence model. Driven by our strategic intent, we look to provide top-notch & highly competitive solutions via our strategic business units that are required to enhance the business landscape in the oil and gas/energy landscape. We are truly focused on the Nigerian and the sub-Saharan Africa economy  where we  foresee a huge economic potential to be harnessed and nurtured into matured programs for maximum benefits realizations. our strategic alliance and  partnership with leading energy development globally puts us in a unique position to  function as your preferred development and advisory partner in the energy industry.

How we tackle the challenge

Prospect Ideation



all opportunities for value based identifying options and best practices



options to ensure its best fit to our client's strategic intent



the boundaries of the project to ensure we work to guarantee the certainties of the project outcomes



the project based on client’s best options and based on the boundaries of their operating model.



the project and ensure we project’s expectations continually met to sustain shareholder values.


Our Expertise

We are a performance driven energy company that champions innovation, invests in people and maximizes the value of our resources to meet the needs of today and tomorrow.

Desyton’s scope of expertise is driven by addressing key concerns in national development. Our business units are made up of key areas on business requirement, while focused on global excellence in energy related matters.

Our scope of expertise is globally recognized to operation in regional markets to provide world class value to drive excellence in business delivery

Upstream Petroleum Planning & Monitoring

We have significant Capabilities in development of oil and gas assets

Energy Dev. & Infrastructure

We have capabilities in planning and financial advisory for Power and Renewables, Gas based/Solar and Hybrid and more

Capital & Project Finance Advisory

We specialize in supporting clients with a streamlined project management process.

Business Consultancy

Our Advisory covers the entire asset lifecycle with a focus on all phases of project and corporate finance modelling.

Customer Service

Skillful Team

Our team has a combined experience of over 100 years, spanning different roles in management positions.

This has helped to hone our expertise beyond the norm.

Let's start something great together

Our mission is to protect and promote the best practices always, and we will work with you to enable the best project is delivered in a timely manner.