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Our USPs

At Desyton

We are looking to build a competitive company while growing local capabilities towards a building world class hub per excellence driven by our strategic vision

Sector leadership

Understand evolving market factors and manage your hydrocarbon sector risks down to an individual asset level. We deliver analysis of market fundamentals and trends, market intelligence, forecasts, scenarios, market sizing and above-ground risk analysis and mitigation.

Benefits And Attractiveness

Support organizations with informed decisions about major hydrocarbon investments as well as energy industry M&A opportunities based on independent, quantitative due diligence analysis that focuses especially on underlying value drivers.

Team Domains

We advocate for sustainable growth despite amid markets fluctuations. We aim to develop assets based on our corporate strategy, provide opportunity to maturation via portfolio optimization and performance benchmarking

Understanding internal Performance & Capabilities

Achieve worldwide energy regulatory compliance or attract international investment in the energy sector. We can help with country energy policy and master plans development, licensing support, fiscal bench marking and drafting standards 

Why Desyton?

Local Content exposure

The Company is particular on developing local content to aid organic economic growth. This Model is first in Africa driving excellence in regional energy space, pioneering expertise in business planning and skills transfer. This model will be replicated in across Africa.

Leading energy Experience

Desyton Energy  has leading expertise  and partners across multiple industries, which include oil and gas, energy development, project infrastructure, among  business consulting

Innovative Business Value Per Excellence

The Company is led by highly experienced professionals with a wealth of industry experience and expertise & have received various award and recognition including, Balmoral Project Management Award for Business Excellence

Proven Sector Knowledge

With Company’s years of experiences, the Company has acquired deep market knowledge and built strong which will enable operate seamlessly in the West African region.

Outstanding track record & Insights

Leveraging on our technical partner, our competitive advantage speaks well for us and positions us to be the preferred partner for the  industry experience& capacity development of the oil and gas industry

Project Delivery Excellence & Efficiency

Drawing our  Expertise in major projects and crating value is our focus. We possess leading authoritative insights to providing supports in energy related matters