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Integrated Petroleum Management Series

DIPEM Integrated Petroleum Management Series

Our Courses

DIPEM Institute, a DESYTON Energy Company will handle the corporate Advisory Trainings to provide  bespoke  suite of courses focused on Oil & gas, Energy and project management courses  for industry practitioners and professionals  in the industry.


Desyton Institute will review the fundamental concepts in petroleum economics with its concepts with its essential concepts and models for investment decisions. It will also address the business investment decisions This wide-ranging and practical industry overview covers details in the oil and gas industry. It offers oil and gas professionals the opportunity to gain a technical and commercial understanding of the industry fundamentals ranging from  advanced Petroleum Economics to Upstream Petroleum Accounting to  International Oil and Gas Management to Principles of economic Modelling of Petroleum Projects to  Economic and Risk Analysis as well as Project Business Delivery & Presentation skills 

practitioners SERIES

This extensive course provides will expand on the beginners series and also provide a comprehensive training  of international accounting and raise to skills to an advanced level knowledge and finance practices in the E&P industry. It will review all concepts of Upstream Petroleum Accounting including  the basics and specifics of upstream Petroleum Accounting. It will address concepts and practices which includes Financial arrangements in the Upstream Petroleum Industry, Production transaction revenue  accounting, Joint Venture(JV) accounting, corporate and project finance in the petroleum industry,  Equity and debt cash flow analysis. 

Advanced SERIES

This advanced series of DIPEM integrated Petroleum Management series seeks to take participants on a journey through the proven best practices process building key skills in corporate finance, strategy, valuation, due diligence, financing, negotiation, deal execution and integration. Structured into 13 distinct sections, The module will delve deep into the capital and project finance projects  both from a corporate  and strategic context  while addressing the diverging  viewpoints of both investors and partners.