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Corporate Media &
Energy Dialogue (CMDe)

Did You Know?

We provide Media and communications to provide a continue the narrative of best practices in the energy industry. We are also involved in content reports, energy dialogue of key strategic isssues, local content programmes, business editing, Capacity Building, Regulation and Policy Strategy for the private and Governments institutions.

We will use our platform to advice and offer Policy Advice to Government on how to achieve an inclusive economy , address macro-economic issues through sustainable developments. We work with authorities to support the review of existing policies and to design new strategies and programmes . We advise along the following core areas.

Desyton Project Management

E & P Development Best Practices

Desyton bespoke consulting session

Bespoke Consulting Practices

Desyton renewable energy plant

Energy Policy & Research

Project Management & Business Assurances

Desyton business planning

Business Planning & Entrepreneurship Development