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Corporate Advisory Solutions

DIPEM Corporate Advisory Solutions

Our Courses

DIPEM Institute, a DESYTON Energy Company will handle the corporate Advisory Trainings to provide  bespoke  suite of courses focused on Oil & gas, Energy and project management courses  for industry practitioners and professionals  in the industry.

This series comprises a total of 8 highly intensive modules, bothering on a broad ranges of subjects. Participants will be exposed to the techniques to the application to the practical application of the concepts and will gain first- hand on the trick-of-the-trade to apply skills almost immediately in all sections of upstream petroleum management business requirements.

Corporate & Project Finance In the Petroleum Industry 

Advances in Petroleum Fiscal Regime 

Petroleum Fiscal Regimes – Production Sharing Contract(PSC)

Petroleum Fiscal Regimes – Royalty / Tax  Contract Modelling

Petroleum Fiscal Regimes – Rate of Return  Contract Modelling(ROR)

Project Economics & Development Modelling

Project Risk, Opportunity and Decision Analysis