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About Desyton

About Desyton

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Here's a little Bit about us

We are new energy company driven by performance that champions innovation, invests in people and maximizes the value of our resources to meet the needs of today and tomorrow. 

We are uniquely positioned to help companies to identify & analyse unique opportunities and risks to develop winning strategies which is aimed at providing unparalleled business insights, driven by leading industry experts.


What We Do

At Desyton, we are driven by corporate mission to deliver our strategic intent geared towards building a sustainable enterprise for the Nigerian Economy.

Our Vision, mission, values and cultures were developed to set the scene for Desyton’s history of success and its continued role in driving Nigeria’s economy. This forms the pillars of our new operating model, organizational structure and strategic imperatives.

Our vision is to be a global leader that provide high valued business solution for our clients to ensure satisfaction while enhancing values towards developing our stakeholder value in all
segments of our SBUs.

We aim to be a leading energy company in the international business space, recognized for excellence of our people, partnerships and performance. We aim to provide excellent service by providing effective processes that will make delighted customers which will be made possible by motivated and prepared workforce to satisfy our shareholders.

Corporate Vision

Our Goal

Our ultimate goal is for Desyton Energy is to be world –class Energy Company.

To be successful, we must foster an innovative culture and be agile in the face of evolving global demand for energy.

We aim to set industry standards for workplace and corporate performance and be the Nigeria’s employer of choice.


Desyton Energy acts on behalf of its
shareholders to provide highly efficient,
reliable & diversified energy-related
business solutions within the Nigeria and
West African Sub region.

Desyton Oil Rig


At Desyton Group, We will provide optimum value balanced with excellence with apt attention to quality-focused services. We want to be the business group of choice by becoming the most profitable energy company that operates at highest efficiency with application of innovative best practices.

Desyton captive power plant


At the core of our business, We will promote at an atmosphere of reliability while maintaining the highest standards of etiquette and professionalism in all spheres of our business operations and strive to exceed our shareholders values within the next 3 years of operations.